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Piste de luge

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, La Tzoumaz offers a variety of other activities, including tobogganing. The toboggan run extends from the summit of Savoleyres back to the village, spanning a remarkable 10 kilometers, making it the longest in Switzerland. With a vertical drop of 711 meters, it begins atop the slopes, offering breathtaking Verbier and the Rhône Valley vistas before winding its way through the picturesque forest below.

This exhilarating descent suits the whole family, providing an exciting challenge. However, children under eight must be accompanied by an adult on a sled. The entire journey typically lasts about 45 minutes. Sled rentals are available at Monnet Sport on the main street. See below for rental rates:

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Walks and Hikings

In La Tzoumaz, you can also immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery with a leisurely stroll. Various walking routes are available, offering a range of lengths and elevations. Maps detailing these routes can be obtained from the Homepartner office or at the Telecabine station.

For a relaxed experience suitable for the whole family, opt for shorter walks along forest paths or beside the river bis, which are mostly level. For those seeking a more adventurous trek, take the Telecabine up to Savoleyres and explore the various descent options back to the village. We recommend renting snowshoes for this option, which are available at Perraudin Sport on the main street near the church.

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Combine skiing and hiking with telemark skiing! You can explore the forests and ascend the slopes with specialized telemark skis. It's a fantastic way to stay active while enjoying the stunning natural surroundings. Numerous hiking trails are marked along the slopes, offering varying levels of challenge.

When telemarking, you can customize your hike to your liking. Simply click into your skis, and when you're ready, ski back down. Telemark skiing can be approached in two ways: the traditional method with skis fixed in bindings or the unique telemark style.

Interested in learning telemark skiing? You can book a lesson at the Ecole Suisse de Ski at the Telecabine. Experienced instructors will guide you through the process, teaching you everything you need to know about the skis and techniques. It's an opportunity to enhance your skills and fully embrace the telemark experience.

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Have you ever dreamt of taking flight? Experience the thrill of paragliding in La Tzoumaz and Verbier! This exhilarating sport is not for the faint-hearted, but with a skilled instructor, you'll embark on a breathtaking journey over the landscape, all while wearing your skis!

Departing from the Croix de Coeur airport, you'll ski down before taking to the skies. During the flight, you'll be treated to awe-inspiring views of La Tzoumaz or Verbier—be sure to bring your camera to capture the moment!

Paragliding is open to adventurers of all ages, starting from 3 years old, and each flight typically lasts around half an hour. To book this unforgettable experience, visit the Ecole Suisse de Ski next to the Télécabine. Prepare for an adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish forever! 

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Evening activities

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