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Piste de luge

Besides skiing and snowboarding, there are many other activities to do in La Tzoumaz. One of these activities is tobogganing. The piste de luge goes from the top of the Savoleyres back to the village. The descent is 10km long and therefore the longest in Switzerland. The descent has a height difference of 711m. The descent starts at the top between the slopes where you have a beautiful view over Verbier and the Rhône valley and then turns into a beautiful descent through the forest. It is a challenging descent that is suitable for the whole family, however children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult on a sled. The whole descent takes about 45 minutes. You can rent a sled at Monnet sport in the main street. Below you will find the rates:





Young people

and seniors


Complete day

CHF 33

CHF 29

CHF 17

Mornings till 13:30

CHF 28

CHF 24

CHF 14

Afternoon from 12:30

CHF 28

CHF 24

CHF 14

1 run

CHF 16

CHF 14



The piste de luge is open from 10:00 and closes at 15:30.




Walks and Hikings


In La Tzoumaz you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings during a walk. There are several routes, the routes vary in length and height. At the office of Homepartner or at the telecabine you can get a map with the different routes. You can make shorter walks through the forest and along the river bis, these walks are flat and suitable for the whole family. For a more intensive walk, take the telecabine up and from the Savoleyres you can descend to the village in different ways. For this last option we advise you to rent snow rackets, this can be done at Perraudin sport in the main street next to the church.







Do you want to combine skiing and hiking? Then go telemark! With special telemark skis you can walk through the forest and up the slopes. You are sporty and you can enjoy the beautiful nature. There are several hiking trails that are signposted on the slopes. At telemark you can make the hike as long as you want, if you click on the skis you can ski down again. The skiing can be done in two different ways, the traditional way with the skis fixed in the bindings or the special telemark way. If you want to learn telemark, you can book a lesson at the ecole suisse de ski at the telecabine. One of the experienced instructors will take you upstairs and teach you all about skis and technique.






Always wanted to fly? You can paraglide in La Tzoumaz as well as in Verbier. This is a sport that is only suitable for people with steel nerves! Accompanied by an instructor you can make a beautiful and especially exciting flight over the area, with your skis on! From the airport at croix de coeur you can go down skiing. During the flight you will have a breathtaking view over La Tzoumaz or Verbier, don't forget your camera!

Paragliding is suitable for everyone from 3 years of age, a flight takes about half an hour. You can book this unforgettable flight at ecole suisse de ski next to the Télécabine.



Evening activities

Always wanted to go skiing, hiking or sledding in the dark? That's possible! Several times a year, the La Tzoumaz Tourist Office organises unique evening tours. For example, there is the night toboggan ride, you take the telecabine to the Savoleyres at 18:00 and eat in the restaurant. When it is dark outside, you will go down in groups accompanied by ski instructors. It is an exciting downhill run, through the darkness you never know when the next turn or steep descent will come! After the exciting part you will make a beautiful trip through the forest and you will have a beautiful view on all the lights of the village. After about an hour you will be downstairs and you can discuss the exciting experience with hot chocolate milk. The sleigh rides are suitable for children from the age of 12 and can be booked at the tourist office next to the telecabine.

 The office du tourisme also organizes hikes in the dark. You start at the end of the afternoon at maison de La Foret and walk up through the forest accompanied by a guide. It's a tough hike, but the hard work is rewarded by the beautiful sunset that can be seen on arrival at Chez Simon. At Chez Simon you eat a nice cheese fondue or a portion of raclette with a glass of wine from our own vineyard. After dinner you descend to the village in the dark again, along the way you can enjoy the view of the lights of the Rhône valley. 

Ski tours are also organized in the dark, this is a unique and unforgettable experience. You take the last lift up to the Savoleyres and ski to one of the restaurants, which differs per trip. At the restaurant you will get a delicious typical Swiss dinner. When it is dark you will descend to the village with a guide. Everyone will be given a flashlight or torch. You will ski down the blue slopes and the forest path, so the descent is also suitable for beginners and children (with ski experience) from 8 years old. It is an exciting, but fun trip and definitely something you should have experienced once!