Chalet Lupine

Giving a new life to a dated chalet!


This chalet was for sold to the new owners as a renovation project. This beautiful chalet had a good foundation but lacked style and character, something the new owners were looking for in their new winter retreat.


After the sale was concluded, Home Partner and the owners discussed the possibilities and what they were looking for in this property. The design and work on the future plans began after the sale and the construction began soon after.


With the combination of Home Partner's ideas and previous construction, and the new owners own personal test and wishes, the chalet was renovated in a modern and alpine style, combined with natural materials. The foundation of the renovation is based on a merge of the old wood and sleek white walls, a beautiful result of modern living with character.


In addition to the visual features and update, the chalet was completely overhauled with a  new insulation package, new heating installations, modern bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen, and custom made furniture perfectly suited to the property.


Below are before and after pictures of the Chalet Lupine, dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen.