Apartment Bellevue B 5. 19

This spacious 2-bedroom apartment stands in a prime location within the center of La Tzoumaz. The clients purchased this renovation project through Home Partner, taking the apartment from a dated and tired decor to a beautiful home filled with light and life. 

The build was a turn-key operation designed and completed by Home Partner in its entirety with a plan to modify and enhance the existing property as we felt necessary, and to design and furnish the completed apartment. We worked closely with the clients and the individual trades during the renovation process and significantly upgraded many areas including the bathrooms, kitchen, and electrical layout, especially the lighting scheme. We then designed a cozy alpine interior, perfect for our clients and their young families.

The finished apartment encapsulates the light coming through the full-length bay windows – creating a welcoming and bright living space, combining the warmth of old wood finishing with modern touches. We were extremely fortunate with our clients, who were both very open to our ideas and who were also looking for a wooden and white Alpine-influenced chalet interior.

The finished apartment is a beautiful living space combining alpine charm with warmth, and is part of the rental collection by Home Partner Rentals: https://www.homepartner.ch/rentals/.

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