Apartment Croix de Coeur

Our clients purchased a large 4 bedroom penthouse apartment located in the center of La Tzoumaz, with the understanding that there would be significant scope for personalising the project to meet their design vision for the property.

The build was a turn-key operation designed and completed by high quality local labor, however we were additionally employed by the clients as consultants on both the interior architecture of the apartment and the interior design. We worked closely with our clients for a year on the layouts and finishes, and then the design, style and furnishings of the penthouse. The finished penthouse encapsulates the style and vivacity of the family perfectly – it is welcoming and cosy, combining modern finishes with warmth and charm. From the spacious spa via the friendly open-plan living and dining room to the beautiful renovation of the bedroom, complete with en-suite bathrooms, the apartment exemplifies the alpen-chique atmosphere created by Home Partner.

The finished property is sumptuous combining alpine charm with contemporary elegance, and is part of the rental collection by Home Partner Rentals : https://www.homepartner.ch/rentals/.


4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
200m2 Property
1 Entrance
1 Balcony


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