Chalet Capricorne

Our clients had been searching for a suitable property for some time, and eventually purchased a dated and very quirky ski lodge for its beautiful views and for the large plot on which it was situated.

We were extremely fortunate in our clients, who were both very open to our ideas, and who were also on board with the idea of designing a alpine-chique inspire interior using locally sourced old wood – a real joy for us!

We designed and managed all areas of the project build – from the architectural re-design and demolition of the old interior to the construction and interior detailing on the build, and are absolutely thrilled with the alpine-chic transformation of this property.

The finished property is part of the rental collection by Home Partner Rentals :


before chalet-la-tzoumazDSC_1310.jpg
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before chalet-la-tzoumazDSC_1327.jpg
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