Chalet Lupin

Giving a new life to a dated chalet!

The chalet had been designed, as many of that time, with a focus on the maximum number of bedrooms. The ceilings were finished in light pine wooden cladding. 

The client wanted the renovation to achieve a more modern and welcoming feel to the chalet, all while using the existing space better. The finish was to be brought up to date with a combination of traditional building materials eg. old wood cladding to the walls and modern bathroom suites. This type of chalet renovation with a focus on old wood mixed with modern materials is growing in popularity.

Home Partner worked closely the clients and the individual trades during the renovation process, and significantly upgraded many areas including the bathrooms, kitchen and electrical layout, and the lighting scheme. 

The finished property is a luxurious home combining alpine charm with luxury modern finished, and is part of the rental collection by Home Partner Rentals




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