Chalet Pain de Seigle

Home Partner were fortunate enough to start working on this project from the very outset – the client purchased Chalet Pain de Seigle from Home Partner with a renovation project – including the renovation design project made for this particular property.


Thomas excelled himself in designing a chalet that complemented the beautiful original building, and we then spent over a year working closely with the client on this exceptional ski chalet. The brief from the client was to create a beautiful chalet, designed with the luxury rental market in mind. We have worked on all the design details pertaining to the chalet, including kitchen and bathroom designs, electrical and lighting designs, layouts and all internal and external finishes.


We simply adore this project, and are proud to be so intimately involved in a chalet which is redefining luxury mountain living.


The finished property is a luxurious home and is part of the rental collection by Home Partner Rentals :

before Painseigle7.jpg
after IMG_1974-Edit.jpg
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