LE BLANC - Restaurant BONDZO

The second part of the renovation of the restaurant was renovation of the lower floor, creating the second restaurant BONDZO. Bondzo derives from the “Pattois Valaisin,” which is the original dialect spoken in this area, is used to greet strangers or welcoming people you are familiar with. 


The Stübli or Carnotzet atmosphere offers guests a relaxed and wind down vibe to enjoy simple but well prepared food and drinks. After dinner, this cozy restaurant turns into the after-dinner pub where local skiers and mountain enthusiasts can dance the night away. 


Originally a mix between a Carnotzet and a one bedroom apartment, the bottom floor was completely stripped of its structure and remodelled into an open space. 


Similar to the ground floor renovation, the BONDZO was renovation using the ‘Alpine-chique’ style but with added casual accents. 


The finished renovation creates a cosy and warm atmosphere all while being both a relaxing space to stay in on a cold winter’s day and an animated music space. 



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