LE BLANC - Restaurant

The renovation and redesign of Restaurant Le Blanc is an ongoing project taken on by Home Partner in 2019. Originally Restaurant La Centrale, Home partner decided to venture into the restaurant business by taking over the management of this restaurant located in the center of La Tzoumaz. Le Blanc is an original restaurant concept offering balanced dishes using fresh, seasonal produce and prepared daily.


In addition to its location and menu, Le Blanc is now known for its beautiful interior design combining the warmth of old wood finishing with modern touches. At Le Blanc, the space is more than just decoration – it is used to stimulate the dining experience for guests.


Le Blanc is a two-story restaurant with a first-floor bar, dinging room, and outdoor terrace dining looking out over the 4 Valleys. Downstairs leads way to the second dining area, Bondzo.
When Le Blanc debuted in June 2019, it inherited equipment and systems that were state of the art at the time, but by then were ready for an update. The redesign was also the perfect chance to modernize the lighting and dimming equipment, chillers, and kitchen equipment, while refreshing the space design.


The aim of the renovation of the main floor was to create visual identity and atmosphere for Le Blanc, combining modern and comfort with alpine-chique designs. The spaces within the restaurant are varied between rooms and the creation of different atmospheres using lighting and materials was needed to respond to the different times of the day and uses. Mélèze wood was used throughout the restaurant, keeping the visual identity in each room.

The result of the renovation is superbe and results in a space that stands out from others, with unique accents of the Home Partner 'Alpine-chique' designs.


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