Your home, your pleasure

You maintain complete control over your property while we work to attract a wider audience of travelers. There are no fees to join, and we only earn commission when you receive a reservation.


Home Partner believes in a partnership from which we can both benefit. Thanks to our innovative booking system we are also able to generate bookings outside the high season. It is therefore possible to use your home during the high seasons.


We provide a strategy that perfectly matches your home and your needs.


  Chalet La Tzoumaz rentals  

Reach 800,000+ travellers




Our specialists will actively promote your property to our global audience of demanding travelers and help you attract the right guests. We maintain personal contact with all our guests, this intensive contact creates a personal bond which ensures that more respect is shown towards the property.


Our local property manager is very active in the contact during the stay of our guests. This way we ensure a pleasant stay and we keep an eye on what happens in and around the house.


We believe in long-term partnerships. Initially, we invest a lot to advertise your property as widely as possible. During our cooperation we are available 24/7 in case of questions or requests. All rentals are transparent and always accessible through our owner portal.













Earn money without lifting your finger

Let Home Partner take care of everything related to the rental. We ensure that your property is in top condition!


  • We mow the grass
  • We're shoveling snow
  • Organize the cleaning, indoors and outdoors.
  • Repair small defects around the house
  • we make an improvement report every year
  • Take professional photos of the house


In addition to these operational tasks, we also take all administrative tasks off your hands.


  • Collection of all payments
  • Remittance of tourist tax
  • Rental tax return
  • Payments on behalf of the owner


In short, give us the key and we'll do the rest.

Interested? Please contact us for a consultation without any obligation.