What owners may expact

Having your holiday homes managed, often from a great distance, carries with it a great responsibility. We are pleased to take on this responsibility.


Home Partner, for many a well-known name in the village. Some know us as a real estate agent, contractor or contact person for everything around their home. To make the quartet complete, we have also decided to take the rental of our portfolio completely under our own management by 2019. In this way we can make sure that what we promise can actually be delivered. Real personal contact and promises that are kept.


In addition, renting out your home via our innovative platform has a number of major advantages


10 promises we make


1. Maximum exposure of your home
2. Good rental income
3. Professional photos and descriptions
4. Personal dashboard with extensive statistics and the possibility to pass on bookings yourself
5. Guest arrival and support service
6. Maintenance of house and garden
7. Snow clearance
8. Professional cleaning and bed linen
9. 24/7 crisis management
10. Periodic inspections of your home


Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of renting out your property.