Chalet Refuge

A ski-in, ski-out chalet major renovation!

This chalet construction and renovation involves the almost complete demolition of an existing chalet to create a new chalet built over 2 levels, with an increase in habitable space.

The existing chalet was originally a barn made of plastered stone and wood panelling. Parts of the existing chalet were largely demolished in order to strengthen and increase the space of the foundation in the main and upper levels. Extensive work followed which allowed the structural reinforcement of the foundations and lower level structural walls.
Once the main level chalet structure was secured, work began on the extension to the side of the chalet, adding two extra bedrooms and a terrace to the existing space, and the work on the upper level walls.

Once the structural works were completed, the internal renovation and design work on the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms began. 

The finished chalet encapsulates the style and vivacity of the family perfectly – it is welcoming and alluring, combining luxury finishes with warmth and charm.

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